29 Apr

Today, there are so many people who have been undergoing skin chafing and this has become quite a challenge for them.  In most cases, friction, irritating fabrics and moisture tends to cause skin chafing.  Your skin is prone to burn and sting where there is a prolonged friction and rubbing on the skin.  As a result, you will definitely have some mild and red rashes and these rashes are extensively disturbing and painful. In most cases, skin chafing occurs on the thighs and buttocks.  Whenever your skin is chaffed, you should ensure to get an anti-chafe product as there are so many products available in  the market like the Squirrel’s Nut Butter.  There is need for you to always remain keen so as to determine the right anti-chafe product to use.  This article pinpoints the fundamental causes of skin chafing. 

 The very first cause of chafed skin is endurance sports as they are prone to have a lot of rubbing and friction on the skin.  Generally, sports like running and biking are the main causes as far as endurance sporting is concerned. There are other sports that tend to combine sweat with friction and they will definitely bring about skin chafing. Therefore, as an athlete, you have a higher chance for having a chafed skin more so where the clothing rub on the skin or even where your skin rubs on the skin. 

The second fundamental cause of skin chafing is when you are overweight.  Skin get to rub on the skin whenever a person is overweight.  The thighs followed by the buttocks are the most affected parts.  Tight clothing will lead to a lot of friction and rubbing hence leading to skin chafing. 

Children that are using diapers have a high tendency of developing chafed skin. Where a child is having an extended or a prolonged exposure and contact to urine or feces, they tend to develop a chafed skin.  The child will therefore have chafed bottoms since there is no enough airflow in the diaper. 

 Wearing skirts in the hot seasons and moving around that way tends to cause chafed skin. Whenever one is having as skirt and there are no pants to keep thighs apart or from rubbing each other, chafing becomes a problem. Therefore, skirt wearing in the humid weather is always disastrous and a major cause. 

Whenever you start using the anti-chafe products, you are guaranteed of eliminating the problem and treating it entirely within some few days. There is need for you to examine the major cause for a chafed skin and ensure to completely stop the activity. Nevertheless, where you have a problem stopping the activity entirely, you should come up with preventive measures that will enable you participate in the activity but still help prevent your skin from chafing. Read more on Squirrel's Nut Butter.

Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chafing 

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